Pol Return With New Single/Video “Masks”

Dutch new wave/new romantic duo Pol, made up of model/musician siblings Ruben and Matthijs, have returned with the excellent new single “Masks“ and its accompanying video.

The track is out now and is their first new music since last year’s self-titled debut EP. Buy it here.

UPDATE 06/24/2024: “Masks” is our new Single of the Week!

Inspired by artists like Visage, The Cure, David Bowie, New Order, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie Sioux and Duran Duran, to name a few, Ruben and Matthijs started writing and producing music that fully connects with this artistic period in time.

The lyrics of the song revolve around the theme of masks, both literally and metaphorically. Pol explains; “The ‘mask’ symbolizes hiding your true self, putting on a facade or hiding emotions and intentions. The song reflects on the idea of ​​wearing masks in different situations, whether it is to hide one’s desires, to conform to societal expectations or to protect oneself from vulnerability.”

Watch the self-directed video below.

Pol Upcoming Live Shows

27 July – Heidelberg, GR
24 August – Amsterdam, NL
12 October – Geleen, NL

Tickets HERE.

Pol “Masks” Lyrics:

(Oh) no more hiding what you seek
With a mask oh boy, you’re a man’

And the blind, hard-faced, cold-eyed
Even making a stand

The dance repeats, a mirror to your play

(We’re) wearing masks in a house
That ain’t ours and were lying for prey

(Dis-moi ce que tu vois maintenant)
I’m feeling so red now
(‘Tu crois, c’est moi?’)
(Je mets un masque)

Repeat [1]

I hold you tight, by your hand
And still we’re losing our grip

It is not a trait of mine
to resign no, will never give in

You smile, you shout, you cry
I can read from your eyes

(Yes) with a look so plastic
So cold yet so truly alive

Shout! Masks

(Now) you’re hunting down the beat
Made of glass, are you careful at all?

(And) in the rain of their fever
Unnoticed, we are destined to fall

The dance repeats
C’est quoi votre vrai visage?

Or you’re trying for life
Here to greet, what your mask won’t reveal?

Repeat [1]

Once a color, now a name
What’s to say? That’s a thought to embrace

(And) now the drum beats louder
Venez voir from a mask to a face

Repeat [2]

Photo credit: Yaël Temminck