Rui Gabriel Unveils New Single/Video “Change Your Mind”

Rui Gabriel Unveils New Single/Video "Change Your Mind"

Indiana-based, Venezuela-born indie / post punk artist Rui Gabriel has unveiled his new single “Change Your Mind“, alongside a video.

The track is taken from his upcoming debut album ‘Compassion‘, due to be released this Friday, June 21 via Carpark Records. Pre-order your copy here.

The inviting and perceptive songs on Gabriel’s debut LP are all about growing up. It’s about how, as you get older, your priorities change, friendships evolve, and responsibilities become inescapable. For Gabriel, the changes in his own life inspired him to write a solo full-length that sounds like nothing the indie rock journeyman has done before. Across 10 vibrant tracks that combine ethereal pop with slacker-rock and piano-driven dance music, it’s a galvanizing showcase of personal growth and the grace you give yourself to push forward.

The songs on Compassion deal with youthful carelessness and coming face-to-face with newfound responsibilities (“Change Your Mind”). It’s consistently a biting, observant look at getting older thanks to Gabriel’s unique perspective as a South American immigrant who’s lived across the United States for the past 13 years. “When you are Hispanic, English isn’t your first language, and you’re in a music scene with a bunch of white people, you’re going to stand out a little bit,” he says.

Watch the Zack Shorrosh-directed video below.

Rui Gabriel “Change Your Mind”

Compassion Tracklist:

  1. Dreamy Boys
  2. Target
  3. Church Of Nashville
  4. Hunting Knife
  5. Summertime Tiger
  6. If You Want It
  7. Change Your Mind
  8. Eyes Only
  9. End Of My Rope
  10. Money