The Problem With Kids Today Drop “All I Wanna Be”

The Problem With Kids Today Drop "All I Wanna Be"
The Problem With Kids Today

New Haven, CT-based rock and roll band The Problem With Kids Today have dropped their new single “All I Wanna Be”.

The track is the latest preview of their upcoming debut album ‘Born To Rock‘, due to be released on February 9. Pre-order it here.

On the song, the band’s Silas Lourenco Lang says: 

“Taking cues from 80’s jangle pop heroes, ‘All I Wanna Be’ is a perfect showcase of what The Kids are capable of in the studio. The trio – flanked by a bombastic orchestra of synths, organs, and 12 string guitars – gallop through this heartfelt tune. Starting with a beautiful Chamberlain cresendo, crashing down immediately into a tight rhythm enveloped by the familiar arms of a 12 string Rickenbacker 360. An organ bubbles just underneath the surface, giving a backbone to the drone of Tate Brook’s rhythm guitar, while tambourines and acoustic guitars chit chat in the background.

The vocals, shouting from that place we all can recognize, a place of infatuation where it’s so easy to lose yourself, but also see clearer than ever. The song itself acts as a much needed reprieve from the high-gain, high-intensity onslaught of the rest of the album, without stopping the momentum dead in its tracks. This is our fourth and final single from our debut album, “Born To Rock.” It continues to highlight the depth of creativity and musical acumen the band possesses, there’s a lot more fun to be had when our album releases on February 9th.” He continued.

Take a listen below.

Born To Rock Track List

1. Rock Show
2. Johnny Rockets
3. What Else Could I Say
4. Leather Jacket Blues
5. Slobberknocker
6. Rip It Off
7. All I Wanna Be
8. Speed Freak
9. CEO
10. Good Grief
11. Bittersweet

Photo credit: Sam Carlson