Balduvian Bears Reveals New Single “Distant Warning”

Balduvian Bears Reveals New Single "Distant Warning"

Salt Lake City cold wave/darkwave/post punk project Balduvian Bears (aka producer Zachary Anderson) has revealed his new single “Distant Warning“.

The song-a haunting echo of caution in the storm, is out now via DarkTunes Music and follows on from recent singles “Everytime“ and Reaper. Grab it here.

Hidden between the majestic mountains of Salt Lake City in Utah, the enigmatic tale of BALDUVIAN BEARS unfolds. A roar from the soul pierces the wilderness, an irresistible summons for listeners to enter a world where emotions, mystery, nostalgia and melodies converge. BALDUVIAN BEARS influences are echoing the iconic sound of darkwave and post-punk, infusing a contemporary spirit.  

As the sirens blast their warning through the rain, the lyrics of this darkwave and post-punk hymn resonate with the struggle against inner demons and the journey towards self-preservation. With each note, immerse yourself in the emotive depths of « distant warning” where the echoes of resilience and introspection ring loud and clear.

Take a listen now.

Balduvian Bears “Distant Warning” Lyrics:

I hear a distant early warning through the rain
The sirens blasting as a warning to my pain
If I don’t leave I might just fall into that trap
The one that drags me down
It drags me down, I

I don’t want to be right here, I best just stay away (x2)

I see the monsters through the smoke
It’s crazy that I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid
I don’t know why I feel at home
No need to drive the stake
To drive the stake, I

Repeat [1]