Catch The Breeze Announce New LP ‘Hope has a Place’, Air “Future of Spaces”

Catch The Breeze Announce New LP 'Hope has a Place', Air "Future of Spaces"
Catch The Breeze “Hope has a Place”

Danish post punk/dream pop/shoegaze band Catch The Breeze have announced the release of their third studio album titled ‘Hope has a Place‘.

To mark the announcement they’ve also shared their new single “Future of Spaces” alongside a video. The record will be out on September 13. Get the single here.

According to the press, ‘Hope has a Place’ is an album made in conflicted times, and though the music has dreamy elements, the album title is not. It is an actual statement that hope always has a place within and between us, if we let it. This is also a main theme of the lyrics on the album. “In this moment a spirit’s born, when all is lost.” (Collide). Hope exists in defiance. “The future holds more than you will ever know. Spread out your wings, even if it makes you cry” (Glass Prism).

Catch The Breeze began working on the new songs even before the release of the previous album, Into the Wide (2022). Moods, sounds and genres swirled around the creative space of the re- hearsal room and soon manifested as dreamy, shoegazy alt-rock songs. The music moves freely from the tentative and open to the complex and woven – the interplay of the instruments is both intri- cate and subtle while the vocals is expressive and soothing. “The songs have a natural feeling about them,” the band says, “it is as if they existed already just waiting for us to play them”.

About Future of Spaces“:

Future of Spaces is a short, compelling track with a simple message: Make space for each other and the future. With its message of trusting our relationships and knowing that there is always a base to return to, the song is deliver with an immersive, off-kilter groove. As the band says:

The music is our friendship and home, and this song is created here. Now it is time to send it off into the world.”

Watch / listen below.