Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Announce New LP ‘Orchestra Hits’, Air “Daylight Commander”

Ed Schrader's Music Beat Announce New LP 'Orchestra Hits', Air "Daylight Commander"

Baltimore-based alternative/new wave two-piece Ed Schrader’s Music Beat have announced the release of their forthcoming album ‘Orchestra Hits‘.

Along with the announcement they have also shared a new track and video, “Daylight Commander“. The 9-track record will be out on September 20th via Upset The Rhythm. Pre-order it here.

According to the label, the ever-evolving group have packed a ton of climbing bass grooves, percolating synth arpeggios and soaring vocals into these astonishing 9 songs, their best to date. Aesthetically, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat hates to tread water. At the same time, vocalist Ed Schrader and bassist Devlin Rice won’t force their songs to fit a preconceived style. “The next album’s always gotta be different from the last one. We’re different people from record to record. So, writing authentically to ourselves will always bring our work to a place that we haven’t been to yet,” Rice said. Schrader added, “We’re terrified of turning into AC/DC. We never want to be married to one scene or time or sound. We want to be the Boba Fett of bands! Constantly altering the way in which we make records has been pretty key in that process.”

With the soaring “Daylight Commander,” the band went against all of their musty-basement-bred instincts. “I went full High School Musical with the vocals,” Schrader said. “At first it felt almost embarrassing, but I remember reading somewhere that Bowie recommended always floating a little bit above your comfort zone, and that’s what we did here.” The song is part exercise in absurdity and part pop Trojan horse. “If ever we had a ‘Shiny Happy People’ moment, I guess this is it,” Schrader said.

Check out the Devon Voelkel-directed video for ‘Daylight Commander‘ below, followed by the album’s tracklist and artwork.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat ‘Orchestra Hits’ Tracklisting:
  1. Roman Candle
  2. Into The Knotted Trees
  3. IDKS
  4. Blue Garden
  5. I Turn The Ocean Blue
  6. Waterfront
  7. Daylight Commander
  8. Silver
  9. Noonday Sun

Photo courtesy of Upset The Rhythm