Font Release New Single/Video “Natalie’s Song”

Font Release New Single/Video "Natalie’s Song"

Austin, TX art rock/post punk/indie rock/dance pop quintet Font have released their new single “Natalie’s Song“, alongside a lyric video.

The track features on their upcoming debut album, Strange Burden, due to be released on July 12th via Acrophase Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Made up of Thom Waddill (guitar/synth/vocals), Jack Owens (drums), Anthony Laurence (guitar/synth/sampler), Logan Wagner (percussion/sampler), and Roman Parnell (bass/synth), Font create driving music of sampled stabs, dance beats, and euphoric choruses. The band began playing shows regularly in the beginning of 2022.

‘Natalie’s Song’ opens with discordant and jangly guitars on top of almost-disco drum beats, fusing with an unrelenting vocal melody that creates something that looks to both the past and future of pop music. The recorded version shows Font’s ability to exalt in a major key. Waddill’s lyrics, delivered as though the voice were another drum, holds the listener at bay while piece-by-piece building a track so hungry for release that its arrival feels like your own catharsis and no longer Font’s. “Release and respond”: this a central ethos for the band, an injunction for both themselves as musicians and for the listener.

The lyric video for the song, made by the band, shows the lyrics over two collages projected on handmade screens in a friend’s wood shop, hoping to materialize the language of the song.

Watch /listen below.

Font “Natalie’s Song”

Strange Burden tracklist

  1. The Golden Calf
  2. Hey Kekulé
  3. Looking at Engines
  4. Sentence I
  5. It
  6. Cattle Prod
  7. Natalie’s Song

Photo Credit: Rosie Clements