Louse Announce Debut LP ‘Passions Like Tar’, Air “Bed of Knives”

Louse Announce Debut LP 'Passions Like Tar', Air "Bed of Knives"

Cincinnati based post punk /new wave band Louse have announced the release of their debut full lenght-album ‘Passions Like Tar‘.

The announcement comes with the release of new single “Bed of Knives“. The 10-track record will be out on September 20th through Feel It Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Since forming in 2021, Louse have been crafting hypnotic, dense gothy anthems and will continue to do so with Passions Like Tar. Since their inception, the group has consistently provided 80’s era-correct, modulated, guitar-driven punk inspired by bands such as Killing Joke, Bauhaus, and Christian Death, but delivered with their uniquely coloured angular riffs and fevered, anguished vocals.

Passions Like Tar is a collection of intense, evocative songs set in a sunless landscape. According to the press, the songs are artistically linked by the band’s sumptuous guitar and synth compositions, epically crooned dismal lyrics, and tightly wrapped primitive percussion beats that pulse and prod like amphetamine-fueled explosions. Despite the record’s diverse palate, these songs collectively create a cohesive, original, and warped vision of a cryptic yet accessible post-punk dystopia. —Sims Hardin

Check out below “Bed of Knives“, followed by the album’s tracklist.

Louse “Passions Like Tar” Tracklist:

  1. Thieves
  2. Joy in Pain
  3. A Potter’s Field
  4. Bed of Knives
  5. Passions Like Tar
  6. Feral Hound
  7. Human Remains
  8. Bernadette
  9. From the Swarm
  10. Be My Eyes

Louse are: Sam Souders (vocals, guitars, keys), Danny Lovell (bass), Connor Simpson (guitars), Max Enslen: (keys), and Bradley Kennedy (drums, percussion).

Photo by Alexandra Nord