Molly Nilsson Drops Music Video For “The Beauty of the Duty”

Molly Nilsson Drops Music Video For "The Beauty of the Duty"

Swedish-born Berlin-based synth pop artist Molly Nilsson has dropped the video for “The Beauty of the Duty“.

The track is taken from her brand new album ‘Un-American Activities‘, out now via Dark Skies Association / Night School. Get your copy here.

Written and recorded entirely in California at the former home of writer, poet, Lion Feuchtwanger, Un-American Activities features 10 songs inspired by the life stories of it’s residents and guests, the history of the house and it’s surroundings. An album of experimentation, genre-mashing, and, above all, Nilsson’s instantly recognizable melodic skill and empathy, it continues the songwriter’s explorations of power, freedom, oppression, and its opposing force, a love unbound. It is also a double-pointed poison pen letter: a critique of the new forms of oppression wielded by her temporary adopted country, the USA, but also an acknowledgement of the promise it always offers but never fulfills.

“The Beauty Of The Duty” does to pounding Electro what Nilsson’s last album Extreme did to Metal: subsume it into the Molly Nilsson aesthetic. It goes hard.

Watch the video below, created by Molly Nilsson and Txema Novelo (party footage).

‘Un-American Activities’ Tracklist:
  1. Prologue – Proud Destiny
  2. Excalibur
  3. Palestine
  4. Jackboots Return
  5. Wetcheeks
  6. Naming Names
  7. Red Telephone
  8. The Communist Party
  9. The Beauty Of The Duty (Anxious Punk)
  10. Point Doom