M/A/T Share New Single/Video “Augenblick”

M/A/T Share New Single/Video "Augenblick"

Hamburg/Germany electronic / synth wave / ebm music project M/A/T have shared their new single “Augenblick“, alongside a music video.

In addition to the latest single “Replikant” (#3 DAC Charts), “Augenblick”, written and produced by Matthias Bischoff, is another taste of the upcoming M/A/T’s highly-anticipated debut album, which will be out at the end of the year (TBA). Buy it here.

In this dark electro/modern EBM track, domated by a arpeggio-synth bassline, the vocals resound: „Ein Augenblick, Kein Weg zurück, Ein Augenblick, Kein Weg zurück, Das Geheimnis in deinen Augen, Die Lust in deinen Augen, Die Wut in deinen Augen, Der Mut in deinen Augen“ (“One moment, no turning back, one moment, no turning again, the mystery in your eyes, the lust in your eyes, the anger in your eyes, courage in your eyes.”). A song that found its inspiration in the dark synth productions of the early 80s.

Christian Thiel from Blende2 Filmwerk was responsible for the realization of the music video, who created an atmospheric video from the footage filmed at the Hamburg concert.

Watch / listen below.

M/A/T “Augenblick”