Nikonn Unleashes New Single “Never Fade”

Nikonn Unleashes New Single "Never Fade"

London multi genre music producer / artist Nikonn has unleashed his new single “Never Fade“.

The song, described as “an indie pop track with old school guitar riffs” is out now. Grab it here.

Take a listen below.

Nikonn “Never Fade”

About Nikonn

Nikonn is a music producer, composer and DJ based in London. His genre is an electronic based fusion that combines many elements from various genres creating music that differs from electro, synthpop, dance, synthwave to chillout , ambient and cinematic landscapes.

With millions of streams on digital music platforms and placements of his music on films, TV series, video games, ads and major spotify playlists he attracts a worldwide audience that follow his work. Nikonn is also involved in many music projects, productions and remixes. Some of them are MeLLLo (aka Marianthi from MARSHEAUX), MIKRO, Fotonovela, Destabilized, Barakounta, Lookla, Nick Rezo, Kinibo.

He’s also he owner of UNDO Records label (UK)