Plastic Estate Announce New LP ‘Code d’Amour’, Air “Speak to Me”

Plastic Estate Announce New LP 'Code d’Amour', Air "Speak to Me"

Cardiff-based synth pop/new wave duo Plastic Estate have announced the release of their second studio album titled ‘Code d’Amour‘.

The album’s announcement comes with the release of new single “Speak to Me” and its accompanying video. The follow-up to their 2022’s self-titled debut will be out on October 11 through Avant! Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Plastic Estate is a contemporary synth-pop act, with an onus placed on atmosphere and refinement, the duo evokes a rich palette of romance and lustre with their polished marque of pop music.

According to the press release, their sophomore album hails a new era for the act; moving away from darker sonic roots, their sound has progressed to a brighter, more polished aesthetic with fresh influences from the Hi-Fi luxury of West Coast Sound, and the gloss of 2010s Chillwave.

Code d’Amour makes you wonder: What is Pop today?

For years it’s been synonymous with harmony and emotions. Today it’s still about emotions but not very good ones, probably because the world is as ugly as it’s ever been. So what about the fundamental role of popular music to represent and to enforce the ties of social living? What about the good times? Good vibes are not just for recreational use, they can literally build a sense of community. If you are looking for that kind of sound right now, you should look no further.”

Check out “Speak to Me” below, followed by the album’s artwork and tracklist.

PLASTIC ESTATE “Code d’Amour” Tracklist:

  1. Kind of Love
  2. Open Eyes
  3. Feeling Like Ours
  4. Stay
  5. Meet You There
  6. Anymore
  7. Speak to Me
  8. 2000 Ways
  9. Tonight
  10. Helping Hand

Photo courtesy of Avant! Records.