Taleen Kali Shares “Spirit Plane (Male Tears Remix)”

Taleen Kali Shares "Spirit Plane (Male Tears Remix)"
Taleen Kali “Spirit Plane (Male Tears Remix)”

Los Angeles post punk/riot grrrl/shoegaze artist Taleen Kali has shared the Male Tears Remix of her track “Spirit Plane“.

The original song features on her debut full-length album ‘Flower of Life‘, released in March through Dum Dum Records. Get it here.

Listen to the remix below, “think a darker Simple Minds meets Taleen Kali”.

Taleen Kali composes romantic punk songs wrapped in layers of shoegaze, psychedelia, and grunge, creating a cosmic sound that’s dreamy and defiant alike. Influenced by melodies and imagery from her Armenian heritage and her parents’ birthplaces of Lebanon and Ethiopia, Kali fuses her lineage with sonics of the modern countercultures she grew up embracing, exploring everything from punk to Brit-pop.

Taleen Kali “Spirit Plane” Lyrics:

In the spring that would never come
Saw your eyes behind the sun
Always been apart from you
Wanna be a part of you

You came to me
Called my name
I wanna go back
To that place

Deafening quiet light
Hearing sighs of the night
Everything is beautiful
As it is terrible

You came to me
Ocean flame
I wanna go back
To the place

Came through me
Knew my name
I wanna go back
To the place

You came to me
On the spirit plane
I wanna go down
Wanna go down, Wanna go down
Wanna go down