TR/ST Announces New LP ‘Performance’, Shares “All At Once”

TR/ST Announces New LP 'Performance', Shares "All At Once"

Los Angeles synthpop/dark wave/electronic/indie artist TR/ST has announced the release of his fourth full-length album titled ‘Performance‘.

Today, he has also shared a new preview of the album in the form of “All At Once.” The 9-track record will be out on September 13 via Dais Records. Pre-order your copy here.

According to the press release, the new album by Robert Alfons aka TR/ST (fka Trust), sinks even further into the nasty synth-pop psychodrama that the project has pioneered and, finally, perfected across over a decade of evolution. Recorded in Los Angeles, the songs seethe with dread, lust, reckoning, and abandon, backlit by the light pollution of a thousand dead end city streets. Alfons co-produced the collection with versatile composer and producer Nightfeelings, achieving a thick, smoky balance of eerie synths, fog machine low end, and bruised, crooning voice.

The music moves between beauty and bitterness, anthem and anguish, the sound of melancholia gone massive. On track after track, Alfons wields pop dynamics and brooding production wizardry like a weapon, spiraling through a roll call of single “All At Once.”

Check out “All At Once.” below, followed by the album’s tracklist and artwork.

TR/ST “Performance” Tracklist:

  1. Soon
  2. Regret
  3. All at Once
  4. The Shore
  5. Boys of LA
  6. Clowned
  7. Dark Day
  8. Performance
  9. Warp

Photo by by Brent Goldsmith.