Trentemøller Announces New LP ‘Dreamweaver’, Shares “Dreamweavers”

Trentemøller Announces New LP 'Dreamweaver', Shares "Dreamweavers"

Danish indie/electronic/dreampop/shoegaze music composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Trentemøller has announced his new full-length ‘Dreamweaver‘.

Additionally, the artist has aired his new single/video “Dreamweavers“. The record will be available on September 13 through his own label In My Room. Pre-order your copy here.

Featuring 10 tracks that traverse Trentemøller’s many musical strengths, Dreamweaver also represents an obvious artistic leap, treading new ground while retaining the overall plot. Tracks featuring vocals come courtesy of of Iceland’s Disa, who has been in Trentemøller’s fold since the Memoria tour, where she stunned audience members with her own reimagined versions of songs from the catalog.

“Dreamweavers”, an emotional odyssey across a plane of various states of mind, finds its first footings with a soft percussive trot. It starts after what feels like a shortwave radio scan in search of the right chords, eventually dialing in a weightless voice. With the test roll of the song approved, the rest of the elements assemble into place with a grand, luxurious burst.

The music is the work of Trentemøller, while the vocal performance and abstract lyrics come courtesy of Iceland’s Disa. While the song has a melancholic feel that fans of his music are familiar with, “I also feel it’s got a hopeful element to it,” says Trentemøller. “It ponders love, connections, and intimacy. It’s not a sad song, even if there’s always an unavoidable feeling that relationships can be fleeting.”

Check out “Dreamweavers”  below, followed by the album’s tracklist and artwork.

Trentemøller “Dreamweaver” Tracklist:

  1. A Different Light
  2. Nightfall
  3. Dreamweavers
  4. I Give My Tears
  5. Behind My Eyes
  6. Hollow
  7. Empty Beaches
  8. In A Storm
  9. Winter’s Ghost
  10. Closure

Photo Credit: Philippe Mazzoni