W. H. Lung Announce New LP ‘Every Inch of Earth Pulsates’, Air “How to Walk”

W H Lung Announce New LP 'Every Inch of Earth Pulsates', Air "How to Walk"

Manchester psych/post-punk band W H Lung have announced the release of their third full-length album ‘Every Inch of Earth Pulsates‘.

The band have also aired the albums’ lead single “How to Walk” and its accompanying video. The 9-track record will be out on 18th October through Melodic Records. Pre-order your copy here.

The five-piece band, made up of Tom Sharkett, Joe Evans, Chris Mulligan, Hannah Peace, and Alex Mercer-Main, decided to try something new on this album after two incredibly successful collaborations with previous producer Matt Peel. In order to capture the energy, spirit and dynamism of their live shows, they relocated to Sheffield to work with Ross Orton (MIA, Arctic Monkeys, Working Men’s Club) who was able to harness this side of the band to remarkable effect.

While this album is based on capturing a moment and having a sparky liveness, it is not a raw or ragged record. It still a meticulously composed, delicately layered and pristinely produced piece of work that, in true W H Lung style, runs the gauntlet from dance to pop to indie while still capturing that distinctly unique quality that is unquestionably their own.

‘How to Walk’ was constructed with one thing only in mind: that it would absolutely slay on stage. “I can’t wait to play this live,” says Evans. “We wanted a song to represent our live set, a new big one, and this is it.” Once again it leans towards the anthemic, with its driving, propulsive charge complete with incandescent synths and vocal melodies so irresistible you can already hear a throng singing them in unison.

Check out “How to Walk” below, followed by the album’s artwork and tracklist.

W H Lung “Every Inch of Earth Pulsates” Tracklist:
  1. Lilac Sky
  2. Bliss Bliss
  3. Thinner Wine
  4. Bloom and Fade
  5. How to Walk
  6. Flowers in the Rain
  7. I Can’t Lie
  8. The Painting of the Bay
  9. I Will Set Fire to the House