LOW-RES Announce New LP ‘Happiness’, Air “Give Me Something For The Soul”

LOW-RES Announce New LP 'Happiness', Air "Give Me Something For The Soul"

Swedish indie duo LOW-RES have announced the release of their third studio album titled ‘Happiness‘.

To mark the announcement, they’ve also aired the new single “Give Me Something For The Soul“, their most hook-oriented song to date. The record will be out on October 4 through Adrian Recordings. Pre-order your copy here.

The duo are no strangers to grim, almost decadent darkness. On Happiness, the lyrics are dark, but music-wise, it is brighter and poppier. It’s a delicate balance between two opposing poles and an exploration of co-dependency, with the duo simultaneously singing about the complex reality of codependency and the experience of living with someone who abuses and refuses to see the truth of the situation. “It depicts the feeling of being at rock bottom, of wanting to give up, and the realization that the only way out is to leave and move on.” Say the duo, made up of Patrick Alvarsson and Simon Appel.

On “Give Me Something For The Soul“, produced by the band and Daniel Fagerström (Viagra Boys, Baba Stiltz, Kite), you can still hear their explosive mix of krautrock, indie rock, and psychedelia. But for the first time, their sound takes on a new dimension as they take a leap into two different directions.

Take a listen below.

LOW-RES “Happiness”