Oliver Decrow Shares “I Close My Eyes” Music Video

Oliver Decrow Shares "I Close My Eyes" Music Video

German cold wave/darkwave/ebm musician Oliver Decrow has shared the video for his latest single “I Close My Eyes“.

The track cane out last month via Cold Transmission featuring the b-side “We Are Going In Circles“, originally written for the “ZEITGEIST+ Vol. 2” compilation. Grab it here.

In the video, Oliver Decrow portrays himself, illustrating the inner conflict he experiences between two worlds, a struggle that is also conveyed in the song’s lyrics. Internally, he might feel like crying, but externally, he maintains his facade.

The protagonist, trapped within the system for the sake of survival, is constantly searching and wandering alone through the streets at night. Yet, with each passing day, the desire to break free and choose a side – a different life model that aligns more with his nature – grows stronger.

We all assume various roles – whether in our personal lives, professions, or during the creative process. These diverse personalities exist within us and engage in an inner battle daily. However, the wheel of life keeps turning relentlessly, and day by day, we move forward until we reach the turning point. At this juncture, we stand face to face with ourselves and must make a decision.

Watch it below.

Oliver Decrow’s music thrives on bass-driven synths. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Beta Evers, Boan, Boy Harsher, Buzz Kull, Joy Division, and The Cure, he creates tracks with minimal and carefully selected sounds combined with poetic vocals. Deep basslines, looping synthesizer sounds, and 80s drum machine samples converge to create an immersive sonic experience.