Vacant Weekend Unleash New Single “The Windowsill”

Vacant Weekend Unleash New Single "The Windowsill"

Manchester-based burgeoning indie rock / alt pop trio Vacant Weekend have unleashed their new single “The Windowsill“.

The track features on the much-awaited EP ‘Something To Fill The Silence‘, slated for release on July 26th. Grab it here.

‘The Windowsill’ is an anthemic track mixing lullaby hooks with jagged guitars reflecting on self-acceptance and lost youth. Crafted after time spent away on other commitments and musical projects, the band reunited and returned to their adolescent roots, jamming together to express their disappointment with adulthood. Infused with a lullaby-esque hook from the outset, woven between jagged guitars as well as bright indie instrumentation, the song gradually crescendos into its anthemic peak, making it a standout track on the EP. 

Speaking about it, they said: 

“I think inside us there was a youthful naivety in the belief that our problems wouldn’t follow us – that they only existed in a certain place, at a certain time in our lives. Eventually the song took on another meaning about self-acceptance, ego death and experiencing life for as finite as it is.”

Known for their funk-infused indie rock, Vacant Weekend are set to electrify with this standout release. With festival buzz and streaming success, they’re a band on the rise in the alternative scene. 

Take a listen below.

Vacant Weekend “The Windowsill”
About the EP

Across all six tracks, Vacant Weekend poured their hearts into the creation of the EP, allowing themselves to be uninhibited and producing uninterrupted, unstifled songs that let their individual personalities shine through. Capturing who they are as a collective, the result is an unapologetic, noisy, and groove-infused collection of cathartic songs. Produced/mixed by the band’s own Isaac Dobson, these tracks challenge anyone who has ever made them feel inadequate. They embark on a journey of embracing imperfections after years of self-criticism for not being cool, confident, or popular enough.

Vacant Weekend Upcoming Live Dates

14th June – Newcastle, The Globe
16th June – London, The Windmill
17th June – Liverpool, Jacaranda
19th June – Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club
20th June – Kendal, Glisky
21st June – Manchester, Low Four
2nd August – Kendal Calling Festival, Cumbria